Who we are, how to join us and partnership

We are a curious team of creative IT people who want to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and enterprises by providing our skills and resources to build customized and reliable software solutions.

Our leadership team comprises of highly experienced, trained executives from the IT industry.

Careers at Tech Seven Digital bring a gamut of opportunities and learning experiences without compromising on the work-life balance. Partnership with Tech Seven Digital ensures mutual growth and effective digital transformation of both the parties and the clients.

Building world class teams and infrastructure

Tech Seven Digital endeavors to bring premium infrastructure and top  Talent to create innovative solutions. We have a bandwidth of employees that help in creating a powerful inhouse development team with their experience.

We not only provide infrastructure but also ensure that the resources we hire are culturally fit, our team is time-zone aligned and have excellent communication skills to pull off the conversations effectively.


At Tech Seven Digital we create custom solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises, and render business automation services, using time-proven technologies and approaches.

We work with companies from various industries. We do our best to meet their software development and business automation demands by providing dedicated support on all stages of cooperation.

We have expertise and competence in all aspects of development and automation to create flawless solutions that remove the barriers to our clients’ business growth.


We are a successful software development and business automation company creating quality solutions, always with actual client needs in mind.

Our Values

  • Fostering respect and commitment within the company
  • Striving for quality, transparency, and diligence at all levels
  • Customer centricity at the heart of all processes
  • Cultivating accountability and integrity with aligned team vision
  • Delivering unsurpassed value to customers
  • Putting people over processes
  • Value our employees because we believe that happy employees also create happy customers.